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ALLPS-i is an advanced web-based front-end collection and payment management solution.

Payer and Recipient data are stored centrally in a secure environment and Intecon takes care of the required daily backup processes. An added benefit is that should there be a hardware or software failure experienced by one of our Customers; the ALLPS-i system can be restored in a couple of minutes which means there will not be any interruptions to the businesses operations.

As and when enhancements are made to the ALLPS-i system, these enhancements are implemented on a centralised basis and therefore the ALLPS-i Users will immediately have the benefit of these improvements without the need for any manual software upgrades.

ALLPS-i also supports:

  • User Rights Control protecting our Customers business from unauthorised usage
  • Employer Maintenance to efficiently manage the client's main source of income
  • Client Maintenance which allows for efficient updating of client information
  • Advanced installment and contract management allowing for optimal deduction management
  • Comprehensive reporting

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