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ALLPS-m gives ALLPS-i Users the ability to go mobile. Intecon's GPRS enabled devices to allow for the creation of both AEDO, NAEDO and DebiCheck payment instructions without having to connect the card swipe device to a PC or Laptop.

This innovative solution means that business can be done outside of a normal office environment. Moreover, due to the low connectivity requirements of the device, it is ideal for remote locations where ADSL, HSDPA and, 3G connectivity is not available.

Multiple devices can be linked to a single ALLPS-i branch and all transactions are loaded on a real-time basis. The management of the payment instructions created using ALLPS-m is done through the advanced ALLPS-i solution.

In addition to the abovementioned functionality ALLPS-m also supports:

  • Once off take-on data; which means that Clients details will not need to be recaptured when repeat business is done with the Clients – which increases the rate at which payment instructions can be loaded.
  • Payment instructions can be loaded in a "pending" status; and activated later using the ALLPS-i interface. This is ideal for businesses that have a final approval process from a head office or centralised environment.

The following businesses are typical Users of ALLPS-m (but not limited to):

  • Credit Providers who have satellite or mobile offices
  • Collection Companies who have satellite offices or send out agents to engage with Clients
  • Companies that offer services to the public in remote or decentralised environments (shopping centers, employee's premises etc.)

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